Drawing a Parallel

The double jeopardy rule, whereby a defendant could not be tried more than once for the same crime, was reformed under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act of 1996, and further amended under the Criminal Justice Act 0f 2003.

Thus, new and compelling evidence could be presented at a re-trial.

In certain case it is deemed to be in the public interest to pursue a conviction under these new rules. In fact, just this week, Russell Bishop was convicted of the murder of two girls in 1986, having been found innocent of the same crime some thirty years ago.

With the advent of new technology (DNA matching), and the consideration that a change in the law was necessary to accommodate the pursuit of justice, a wrong judgement has been put right.

This week has also seen a monstrously grotesque charade played out in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister cancelled a Commons vote she knew she would lose…..which could have triggered a Conservative leadership contest or even a general election.

The People voted in June 2016 on the UK European Union referendum. The result was not legally binding according to a ruling of the Supreme Court in 2016, but the Government and Opposition are holding fast to the result as if it were enshrined in the Magna Carta.

However, the evidence presented by both campaigns in 2016 was untruthful. The public were lied to and misled in a premeditated fashion by politicians who were elected to represent them, some of whom have their own agenda.

The result is not a fair reflection of public opinion based upon the presentation of tainted facts, figures and statistics.

Whether you voted to remain or leave, it matters not. It is only correct and proper course of action is to seek the will of the People for a second time based on the new evidence.

Double jeopardy was scrapped….it made sense. This version of Brexit should be scrapped…..it makes no sense.

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