The Great Muswell Hill Full English Breakfast Review, Part 1.

The Wattmeister is partial to a Full English Breakfast as a vital source of energy to fuel the furnace of his raging metabolism. The top of Muswell Hill is currently blessed with fifteen establishments geared up (forgive the poor pun) to serve his favourite morning meal.

A snippet of information, if a cyclist rides 60 kms at an average speed of 25 kms per hour, he/she will burn approximately 1500 calories which equates roughly to the calories contained in one Full English Breakfast.

The first review took place at JD Wetherspoon’s, The Mossy Well, which opened in October 2015 at the very apex of Muswell Hill. As one of the largest purveyors of breakfasts in the UK, by reputation offering great value for money, it seemed to be the place that all the others should be compared to.

Surroundings: spacious, airy pub. Cloud wifi.

Cost: Large Breakfast  £4.79Total cost inc. coffee £ 5.78

Content: 2 Sausages, 2 rashers bacon, baked beans, 3 hash browns, 1 half tomato, 1 large mushroom, 2 slices toast.

Lavazza filter coffee in mug: Unlimited refills until 2.p.m.

Comments: very big portion. Good range of condiments and relishes. Unfortunately the food was lukewarm at best. Hash browns quite unappetizing. Service good.

Score: 5 watts/10 watts…..would have scored much higher had the food been hot.




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