Lordy, Lordy

The lord in question being Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon who today claimed that cyclists pose more of a danger to “commuters” than “trucks or cars”.

Here’s the link: there’s more out than in

On the same morning that Lord Ahmad made this outlandish claim, The Wattmeister almost certainly saved the life of a local woman as she was about to step onto a zebra crossing at the top of Muswell Hill.

One car had already stopped to let us proceed, but an opportunist lunatic driving a Mercedes coupé decided to cut into the bus lane from behind the stopped car and accelerate over the crossing just as my fellow pedestrian’s left foot was about to leave the safety of the pavement.

“Wait!”, shouted The Wattmeister in as commanding voice as he could muster….and the shocked lady duly waited as the Merc smashed over the black and white lines of the zebra crossing.

Frankly, we were both unsettled but there was no time to be angry. However, Melanie, (for all his good intentions,The Wattmeister is also an opportunist), was in double shock as she realised that it was The Wattmeister, winner of the Tour of Muckle Flugga, and King of the Mountains in The Tour of Wanstead Flats, who had come to her rescue.

After a brief swoon, TW’s new companion recovered her composure and had the presence of mind to ask for his autograph.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, you should have been there.


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