The Price of Kale

One of the reasons that The Wattmeister has managed stay near the top of the Strava leaderboards (age related) is because, apart from his weakness for jam doughnuts, he watches what he eats. Food which is high in vitamin and mineral content is said to add approximately 15 watts to the sprint of an average 58 year old athlete.

One such source of nourishment is the mighty kale which is best steamed to preserve the good bits.

Back in the early 1980s when The young Wattmeister was courting his beloved Wattmeisterin, she taught him to prepare a traditional dutch meal called Boerenkoolstamppot, a robust delicacy consisting of mashed potato, chopped up kale liberally laced with mustard….if times were good, it might include some diced bacon, and served with a Rookwurst, a sausage that looks like a section of mountain bike tyre but tastes like a section of road bike tyre.

Therefore, kale is always on the shopping list….and by the way, it blends very well into a smoothie.

Well, for the past few years, The Wattmeister has been purchasing his kale from Sainsbury’s in Muswell Hill….the cost: £1 for 200 grams.

Last week, after a sock autographing session in Clayhall, in a moment of weakness, he popped into Tesco’s to buy some doughnuts and discovered that in that store £1 buys 500 grams of kale.

Now then, as the world heats up and lurches to the right, and Brexit will cost a trillion more than we supposed, this is the most minor of blips. However, ever the champion of price differentials, The Wattmeister took Sainsbury’s to task via email and social media.

He posed the question: Why is kale 2 and a half times more expensive in Muswell Hill than in Clayhall?

It seems to have bamboozled the Customer Service department at Sainsbury’s. Their reply quoted packaging costs, display costs, transport costs, sourcing integrity, environmental policies, competitive pricing (hah!) and how they look forward to fleecing The Wattmeister of his meagre pension in store.

From now on, The Wattmeister will be imposing a kale embargo on Sainsbury’s.


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