Muswell Hill Peloton Q&A.

Our first interview is with the rider formerly known as Sloe (sic) Bethan. Fiercely proud of her Welsh heritage, she has cycled to a high level in international events (one time over 1300 metres),  and wears her Muswell Hill Peloton kit with great honour.

1. Where is your favourite ride?

Anywhere outside of London as long as the hills are not too steep.

2. What do you carry in your saddlebag?

Air canisters, lifeline CNC C02 inflator, inner tube, haribo, a multitool and A REAR MECH HANGER ……(haribo….must look that up).

3. Ride a tandem….front or back?


4. Which professional or amateur rider, past or present, do you most admire?

That is easy, The Wattmeister of course!

5. If you could ride one pro race, which would you choose?

Amstel Gold Race Tour 240km (I’ve heard there is a free bottle of Amstel beer at every food station, plus it is in the Netherlands and there are no hills….. right?) Haha…is this a joke? Why haven’t I done it?

6. Take the wind or sit in the wheels?

Sit in the wheels.

7. Full English Breakfast or a bowl of muesli?

Muesli (unless I get taken out for breakfast, than a full english with a bucks fizz or two).

Get under 3 minutes on Muswell Hill and it’s yours!

8. Toast or fried bread?


9. Is Doctor Who clean?

Dr Who is squeaky clean, although if he was to start cycling he would probably succumb to hard core prescription drugs:  beconase and lemsip day tablets.

Expect a visit from Ukad, Bethan.

10. Has Strava changed your life?

YES! “If its not on Strava it didn’t happen”.

Many thanks to Bethan for answering these probing questions and well done for replying correctly to trick question number 4.

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