New Signing for 2018

In advance of notifications from Road CC, Cycling Weekly, La Musette and other pre-eminent cycling publications, it has been announced that Dutch supermarket giants Jumbo have signed The Wattmeister for 2018.

They figured it would be cheaper than him helping himself four times per day to the free coffee on offer in their stores.

He will race the Giro (twice), the Tour de France and the Vuelta in addition to all the Spring Classics. In the interim, his training program is set to include reverse laps of Vlietland, descents of Swains Lane and at least one ascent of Barnet HIll (as long as it’s not raining).

If the intensity of the racing programme was not enough, this brutal training regime should satisfy hopes of the Directeur Sportif  that by the end of the racing season he will have burnt off some of the kilos which have accrued on his person over the Christmas period.

Fortunately, the team sponsor has managed to find a shirt in size XXXL for the photo shoot. (The rest of the team are obscured by his belly).



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