Tour de France Diary, Stage 4.

The Wattmeister continues to monitor each and every pedal stroke of the Tour from the unique comfort of the Wattmobile so that you are free to go about your daily productivity.

The longest stage of the tour means plenty of time to prepare and enjoy a lengthy lunch. On the menu today is something special…..something which is easy to prepare and typically Gallic.


The course passes through the departements of the Vienne and Haute-Vienne, an absolutely cracking area for road cycling, with very little traffic and lovely rolling roads.

The Eurosport commentary team continue to do a sterling job in whatever it is they do. There is certainly not much to commentate on. Watching the neighbours rearrange the rubbish bins has been the highlight of The Wattmeister’s day so far . Carlton Kirby declares that today’s finish will be amazing, but The Wattmeister may not have sufficient endurance to last that long…NOTHING is happening. What this peloton need is an Iron Mike and/or a Pistol Pete to put some ginger into the action.

Meanwhile, eleven days after the referendum, The Wattmutt is still struggling to cope with Brexit.





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